You believed in me


By Soukaina Aziz


Exchange Lab
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Whenever I stood up there,

You believed in me.

You encouraged me with such loving care…


I stared at the road that we had to cross,

I looked at the sky in the twilight,

I could behold nothing but dim rays!

Shall I persist or just shun it all?


My love for you is immutable,

Despite the morbid gruesome air around!

You really believed in me,

And it cultivated my love for you…

Which was a seed in moisture soil…


I felt your respect and it was mutual,

It was the basis of our love,

Sometimes, I deemed you as a friend,

Other times, I regarded you as a brother,

And most of the time I felt you were my lover,


You touched my heart,

Your words fell upon my ears,

And spread in my soul.


You became my ecstasy, my abode…

When I felt lost I sought refuge in your arms and your heart.

Yes you really believed in me.

How could I ever pretend not to love you?





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