Tourist Arrested for Attempting to Smuggle 159 Kg of Hashish


Morocco’s Customs and National Security forces have arrested a Romanian lady on November 11 for attempting to smuggle 159 kg of Hashish from Morocco to Spain through the Ceuta crossing.

Elements of a monitoring team involving the Directorate General of National Security, the Customs Administration and indirect taxes at Bab Sebta Crossing conducted a thorough inspection that led to the seizure of 159 kilos of Hashish in a utility car with Spanish license plates.

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A source revealed to the Arabic–language news source, Alyaoum24, that the  owner of the car had carefully tucked color-coded hashish plates into cavities throughout the car body, door and the floorboard.

The authorities confiscated the car and the discovered hashish, adds the source, and referred the Romanian national to the judicial police in the northern city of Tetouan for further investigations under the supervision of the Public Prosecution


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