Spanish Painter Invited to Make Portrait of King Mohamed VI


The prominent Spanish painter, Antonio Montiel, was invited by Morocco’s Monarch, King Mohammed VI, to paint a portrait of him next November.

The Spanish news source El Español, has reported today, October 7, that King Mohammed VI invited the Spanish painter Antonio Montiel to make a portrait of him.

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In an interview with the same source, the painter revealed the news, adding that he was “very excited and proud” about the opportunity the monarch offered him.

This invitation came after the artist painted king Felipe VI of Spain. He previously made portaits of Queen Isabel II of England and Sofía de Grecia, in addition to a number of royalties and celebrities.

“I have portrayed many important people, imagine, people as diverse as Fidel Castro, Baroness Thyssen, Marisol, all the great figures of the world of folklore like Isabel Pantoja, Rocío Jurado … And now I am offered this opportunity to make a portait of King Mohamed VI of Morocco. It is an honor,” stated the Malaga-born painter.


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