Poem – She is a masterpiece


Her reflection she sees,

Deep in all seas.

Exchange Lab
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Her dejection, she knows,

It worsens her woes.

Her depression she feels,

When she kneels, she heals.


Her deception she fears,

When she is close to her dears.

Her weakness she veils,

She doesn’t show what ails.


Her scars she hides,

She always bides.

Her love she vows,

But no one seems to be so close.


His death she mourns,

Although she knows what she owns.

Her failure she overcomes,

There is no time to dramatize.


Her strength she seeks,

She doesn’t voice any aches.

Her dreams she has to pursue,

Nothing seems to be overdue.

Her flowers she waters,

She doesn’t want them to wither.

She is a master piece,

As she always gathers her broken pieces.




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