Poem: Could she be back?


That sweet dream she had,

It proved to be a fad!

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Those stars she beheld,

They became aloof and reserved.

She was split into pieces,

But she collected herself and saw all the faces

It was abrupt and profound!

Though she didn’t have time to offend!

She gathered her energy and lunged forward,

She did not realize she would slam against that wood.

In the mere hope of freeing herself once,

She did not know that everything would bounce!

It was already midnight!

At the chiming of the alarm clock at night,

She was viciously struggling to get back.

She wanted to restore everything to its unquestionable state,

However, she later realized it was too late.

Rash decisions were not cool;

She thought, it was all a protocol.

There was thick fog everywhere,

But she was determined to be back amid all that despair.

There would be no harm by falling to the carpet..

But again let’s just deem it some harvest.

Earnest, she was, as usual.

The doors were locked,

The crash was loud.

Despite this predicament, she just looked back blissfully,

Suppressed her tears and went back freely,

Although that day was forever seared into her memory.


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