Photo of Bill Clinton & Snake Charmers Goes Viral (Photos)


Photo of former US president Bill Clinton with snake charmers in Morocco’s number 1 touristic city Marrakech has gone viral on social media in Morocco.

The photo shows the US president with snake charmers in the famous central square of Marrakech, Jamaa El Fnaa, while security guards surrounding them on every side. Bill and Hilary Clinton are currently in Marrakech and are expected to take part in the birthday celebration of the Moroccan American billionaire and hedge fund Manager, Marc Lasry.

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Snake charming is a centuries old practice that is passed down from generation to generation. It consists of hypnotizing the different species of snakes using flutes as they follow their sway from side to the other. This makes them relaxed, less hostile and almost completely unaffected by contact with people. Despite having a plethora of exotic things to see, snake charmers are a must-see for the visitors of Marrakech.

Former US President Bill Clinton walking in the streets of Marrakech


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