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Every day, new websites appear on the net trying to improve the users’ experience. In Morocco, there is always a room for new platforms that connect individuals and companies and buyers and sellers, as they make transactions easier and more frequent, and help propel the wheel of economic development forward.

The Moroccan website does just that. It offers a number of services that bring together sellers, buyers, recruiters, graduates, and service providers in the same platform.’s interface is simple, interactive and user friendly, making it easy for companies and individuals to find or offer services and products and get quick feedback.

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Service Providers

The website lets you find and hire someone for a permanent or a temporary position. In order to do that, the website gives you two options, to post an offer or to search for the service provider you want. Posting the offer is free of charge in and requires you to put a title, write a description of your offer, choose the area of expertise and the city, and include an estimate of the salary or the remuneration. The operators behind the website then post your offers on social media in order to speed up the hiring process.

Likewise, you can go through the list of providers presenting their services on the website. To do this, you simply go the page “Prestataires” or the Home Page, type in the skill domains and the city in the search bar. The list that comes up contains the best rated providers first.

Job Search and Offers

Users can also navigate looking for jobs, missions or projects. On the page “Projets” one can type the skill domain he or she specializes in and their city and apply to one from a list of projects ranked from recent to older. If none of the suggested offers corresponds to their skills, they can instead supply information about their competences and the recruiters will get in touch with them. Otherwise, if they are interested in an offer, they should click on it and go the offer page. Once there, they should click “Postuler / Ajouter mon offre”, and put their desired salary and deadline as well as a cover letter in the box below “message”.

Buy and Sell in also has a selling platform. Users looking to sell a service or a product should first log in to the website and click on “Déposer” and then “Produit/ Service/ Annonce”. Posting the product or a service will necessitate a title, a description of the offer, its category and other information. Once that is done, the offer is shared on social media for quicker responses. contains over 50.000 service provides and over 1000 job offers. Also, up to this date, more than 3000 recruitments operations were realized thanks to this website.



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