In the garden of that house


By Soukaina Aziz


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Inside that garden, I beheld thee

I shed some tears all alone

I could do nothing but stare at you

At some time, I approached you

You were standing there motionless,

You knew that I loved you,

You knew that I adored you.


Under that fruitless tree I was sitting,

You sat next to me,

I froze, my heart beat swiftly,

Your love sparkles in my heart

I could feel it deep inside

Where no one could notice this but you.


It made me move, I embraced you

I tightly embraced you,

Like the sun would warmly embrace  the universe,

I knew that I strongly loved you,

You held my cold hands,

But I tried to pick an apple for you,

I later realized that the tree was barren.


A moment of silence prevailed,

Still, that spark of love was always in my heart.

Each time I felt your love I deeply sighed,

You were my abode,

My heart belonged to thee.


Words may fail me,

But my heart shall never stop loving thee.

I later realized that this love was lopsided,

That entire story happened in the garden of that house.








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